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Normal Topic Forum start date bug (Read 846 times)
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Forum start date bug
Oct 14th, 2010 at 8:15pm
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Fairly minor issue, but might occasionally cause some questions, so I thought I would mention it and see if anybody thinks it would be worth 'correcting.'

When you create a new forum, I don't know where it picks up the forum start time from, but it seems to set the start time at GMT at the time you ran set up.

This is also the time zone that is set originally for the Admin account.

If the admin lives in a different time zone, for example anywhere in the US, and sets their profile to the correct time zone, they are suddenly shown as having joined before the forum was created.

One just has to then change the forum creation date 'time' to take that time difference into account, and the problem is 'fixed,' but it could cause some confusion among newer members.

Is there any simple way to ask about time zones before setting the forum start date, so it is set to the correct local time to avoid this problem?

Again, it is not a big deal, especially to someone who knows what they are doing, when installing the forum, but could cause confusion among newer forum creators.

Worth worrying about, or too minor an issue?
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Captain John
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Re: Forum start date bug
Reply #1 - Oct 15th, 2010 at 12:55am
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99% of the time, as the forum start date/time is set (from the server date/time it reports) the admin registration date/time is set at "almost" the exact same time as retrieved from the server.
  Normally the admin date/time of registration does not change, simply the "display" date/time is corrected to the time zone of the user set in his/her profile.
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