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My Holiday Wish -
Dec 13th, 2010 at 8:03pm
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I'm not the kind to ask for things for myself. I have (for better or worse) been pretty blessed in my life. There is something, however, I would like to have in this holiday season, very, very much.

What is it? -- Your thoughts and prayers, for one of those desperately ill "tykes" in All Children's Hospital.

Her name is... Madison McKenna and she is three. She has a heart problem that is quite unusual -- her heart runs both too slow and too fast at times. She's been to the emergency room countless times this past year. In the fall, they rigged her up on a 24/7 monitor to help the cardiologist get a handle on what might be wrong, and to automatically summon the EMS when she had a crisis.

After a month of that and no definitive results, a decision was made to implant a monitor in her chest to try to define the issues. Okay, in goes the monitor. A week later, she has a high fever, so back to the hospital. They discover she had she gotten a staph infection along with the implant. Her body is literally trying to push the implant out. Cardiologists say, "got to stay in, so we can find out what's wrong.", so Infectious Diseases steps up the antibiotics and anti-inflammatories -- with the result of lowering her resistance. So now the little tyke has pneumonia, and goes back to the hospital, although I hear she is due to go home. She still has the monitor in her chest, and things are not very well defined at the moment.

I'm sure there are hundreds of other kids out there whose prognosis may even be worse, so this message is really for all of them. If you know of one besides my Mattison, please post their name and story where you find it best.

Please visit the page I made for her on Facebook and give this little doll a 'thumbs up' for support by 'Liking' the page or posting a comment

Best Holiday Wishes
Jon B

I find your lack of faith disturbing.
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