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Jan 5th, 2012 at 5:19am
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I'm a new administrator on my site and I somehow changed a pathway.  Now I can't get back to my YaBB site - it's pointing to the wrong path.  I can't find anywhere that I can contact YaBB directly to get help to this.  I'm a very frustrated first time user and am debating if I even want to use YaBB if there is not direct place to get help Angry
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YaBB 2.6.1
Reply #1 - Jan 5th, 2012 at 9:04am
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Hi Beanski

I guess that you have taken over in the stead of another. I should explain to you that YaBB is free, Open Source software that is developed, tested and supported entirely by volunteers. 

No money was paid for the software, nor fees charged for its use to get it working for your organization.

This is the 'Open Source' model. Many of the major components of the internet are built with this same fabric; Linux, The Apache Project, PHP, the original Perl language that YaBB is written in, WordPress - this list is almost endless.  They are all supported by volunteers, primarily through forums or e-mail lists.  No phone numbers or help lines or on-demand services; those things are associated with software where there are license fees.

There are many organizations, consultants and engineers, who do offer support for many of these tools for fees (I am one of them).  However, the support answers I provide on this forum are free and backed by over 25 years of systems engineering experience. Likewise, most of the volunteers here are also very knowledgeable on YaBB issues. Some are coders, others specialists in YaBB themes, and virtually all maintain their own YaBB forums (I run 5) and its all free - now how's that for a deal???

Normally, folks post a request on the Board they feel is closest to their problem, describing it in detail, and giving the YaBB version number in use, and often the kind of server it is installed on. YaBB has been around ten years, and some are using versions that are 6 or more years old. 

Good Luck

I find your lack of faith disturbing.
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Reply #2 - Jan 23rd, 2012 at 10:04pm
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This should be in the YaBB Support in English, but to fix paths that gone bad is as simple as downloading the file from the Variables folder in YaBB's main folder and edit it with a text editor (NOT A WORDPROCESSOR!).

To do this, you need to know where is the the main YaBB folder in the system to fix the paths in the file.

Then save the file as a text file, and then upload it to the system.

I've been using YaBB since 2000 with YaBB 1.0 and set up many forums for people out there. It is a better forum than phpBB or many others out there, including the For-Pay forums like vBulletin! Want to pay $299 for a forum and get no tech support? vBulletin is for you!

YaBB only requires Perl to be on the system and does not require you to set up a database for it. It is really simple to set up and manage once you get it running.

Good luck to you.

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