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Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies) Unerving Messages in Registration Log (Read 4,689 times)
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Re: Unerving Messages in Registration Log
Reply #1 - Jan 26th, 2012 at 3:30pm
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I get them too even with the mods, but it sounds like you're getting a lot.
Add the StopForumSpam mod and one of the puzzles (the antispam quiz or SpamFruits) - that will at least slow them down. If you add the Anti-Spam quiz, be sure to replace the questions with ones of your own - bots can actually answer easy questions.

And GGN's Captcha hack looks VERY promising

The one that cracks me up: "I am looking to place an order"  Huh

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Unerving Messages in Registration Log
Jan 26th, 2012 at 3:14pm
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I run a private alumnae forum where all member applications must be approved by admin. Naturally that doesn't stop the bots from sniffing around  -  20 or so per day in error log - but there's only one who regularly makes it to the Registration log, tending to disappear for a while then return for several days in a row.

The comment entered in the Registration log is always similar but different. Today there are three attempts all from different ip's. The messages are: "just...looking for talking, reading", "so look for information", "Admin, I'm for talking" They always contain the words so, just, look for, looking for, talk, chat, information.

Today's ips are (usa), (Poland), (Poland), and other days come from a range of countries. Checking at Stop Forum Spam reveals vast numbers of entries often "toxic". This and my error log suggests it's a bot because all my attempts  from any one ip are executed within 60 seconds - events being separated by  several hours.  A number of attempts are made at the Captcha before succeeding. So I assume the message left is written into the spammer's code.

However the persistence of the messages and the wording are eerily unerving and make it seem like it could be a human. If anyone else has experienced this and has any thoughts/ideas would appreciate hearing from them. Haven't added any of the suggested Spam upgrades as have not in three years been breached. If this guy keeps it up though, I will do so.   Huh Angry

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