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Normal Topic Hello spammers. And good-bye once again! (Read 1,145 times)
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Hello spammers. And good-bye once again!
Apr 6th, 2012 at 10:02am
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JonB has already swatted away all of the most recent spam. áSmiley

In support of that, I've swatted away the spam reference I had quoted below.

It's pretty much made my comments below moot, and that's good news! áWink

Oh yeah, here we go again multiple times with just one example below. áShocked

JonB, since you're the only guy who appears to be swatting away spam in this forum, please feel free to delete this post of mine (as if you need my permission).

Just please remember; if you don't delete it within 5 days, I won't be able to delete it myself since this post will be locked.

When or if you get fed up with the spam that keeps getting posted in this forum, can you please reconsider using some anti-spam mods? I'm embarrassed for YaBB.

I know you're not inclined to utilize YaBB's Pre-registration with admin membership approval, but maybe you can reconsider that as well. On the other hand, and before you do that since it may not be needed, I can tell you from experience that this particular bit of spam that I quoted below for your quick reference is a spam-bot, and can easily be stopped with an anti-spam mod.
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