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OK - What's up???
Jun 13th, 2012 at 1:24pm
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Hello everyone. As you can see, this set of boards indicates that the current Next Edition is being considered as a release candidate, although what it would be called officially is open.

I have been working with a few people so far to try to see where things stand. One thing I know personally is that there are bugs in this version, and it is not in a condition to be released as a 'public' beta candidate. áThe bugs need fixes, and those fixes need to be moved into a 'release candidate' branch.

There are also 'open questions' on functionality, as some features/changes are incomplete. áThe incomplete features would need to be finished & tested or 'edited' out. áOpenID is on that list.

Additionally, there is the matter of possibly incorporating one or more 'mods' into the release stream.  On the 'dead horses' front, an Anti-Spam module would be one candidate.  Clearly, we would need the author(s) permissions to add in each 'mod'.

This is a process I think could be done in a few months, given enough willing hands/minds.

Thanks to everyone who has worked on supported YaBB.

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