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Normal Topic Privatizing this support forum (Read 1,368 times)
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Privatizing this support forum
Aug 5th, 2012 at 10:32pm
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From a YaBB Legend:
Freedom of expression can not be bent and shaped to your own personal liking - then it's no longer freedom of expression. Of course there are limitations like racism and sexism.

Years ago was a real open community for exchanging ideas and opinions. That has seriously changed and lately it's become a 'North Korean style', completely controlled and censored forum. Should change it's name from "YaBB Chat and Support Community" to "YaBB Gang of Four Support Forum".

I'm re-thinking my initial support for this staff-only-like section of the forum that a majority of this forum's members no longer have access to because it's been restricted. Never mind that there's been quite a history to it. It's now effectively gone.

Interesting statistic: As of this post in the once openly available " Talk It Up! " section, 780 posts have been privatized (go ahead, try accessing it as a non-member).

As such, that section has effectively become a hidden section of the forum that once supported free expression, and can now only be seen by relatively few people. For a number of people who posted in that section, they no longer have access to their own posts, or any comments about them.

It didn't occur to me at the time of my support that entire sections of YaBB would have disappeared from this forum, effectively privatizing it. I apologize for my initial support. Simply put, I blindly trusted what seemed to be good intentions. I'm ashamed to say that I hadn't given the end result much thought.

Who knows how much more restrictive or unfriendly this forum will become?

Corey just paid us a visit, but considering the end result of what I suppose could arguably be a "good" way to moderate this forum, and I'm loosely using the word "good" ... it's quite likely that another bad move has been made to improve YaBB's Community Support forum, and he's not aware of it; at least not fully.

Let's see what happens. Once again, despite my reservations, I'm going to trust that the team leaders whom Corey put in place to operate this forum will make corrections to fix this wrong.

Just recently, some posts that were deleted were put back online, so there is hope. Then again, those re-published posts cannot be read by YaBB's community at large because they are now in a privatized section.

As things are now, and as it's been made public, there's a move to change this forum to a software support only forum. While I'm sure that's well intended, I think that would be another misstep of YaBB's current leadership.

The YaBB forum needs to be dedicated to software support.

At least one other YaBB team leader agrees with this.

The worst thing about this is that the very team leaders whom Corey left to operate this forum, and to move on to the next version are the very people who are advocating for YaBB to be forked off to "a breakaway" forum. At least that's one team leader's own prediction.

You can't make this stuff up. áRoll Eyes

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