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Normal Topic YaBB 2.5.2 is coming - (Read 589 times)
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YaBB 2.6.1
YaBB 2.5.2 is coming -
Sep 6th, 2012 at 1:06pm
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Hello Everybody.

The YaBB Next team has been hard at work on YaBB 2.5.2. Many more bugs have been squished, and improvements made. We are busy quantifying and documenting our work.  There are still many things to be done, and room for others to pitch in and help. Most critical now are folks to put an 'eagle eye' on things, lots of little 'oopsies' often fly under the radar for people working on the code, as they have seen it so many times - spelling errors, inconsistent behavior, formatting, etc.  We will have an 'installable version' to test on your servers or workstations, hopefully by this weekend. We will also need folks to do test conversions/upgrades.

I encourage everyone to go to the 'Beta' board - and register if you have not done so. This is your chance to see/test YaBB 2.5.2, and a chance for us to detect any last bugs hiding in the dark. Spelling and grammatical errors are a big one in the various help and language sections. There are still a few things being fixed, but the 'features' list is frozen. We will have some new skins as well (in development) and 'fixes/upgrades' for 2.4 and 2.5AE.

In the Anti-spam arena, Dandello has a cool 'honeypot' at work harvesting bots regularly (it reports them in the YaBB error log in the Admin Center) and Derek Barnstorms's Anti-Spam Question is built-in to the release as an Admin Center Option. Also included in 2.5.2 – the self-delete-lock mod, the no-spammer-email mod and Derek Barnstorm’s  ‘X Posts Before Website Link’ mod.

Thanks for your support of YaBB

The YaBB Next Team  Cool
Dandello, Derek Barnstorm, JonB, xnoddyx plus all of our beta-testers.

I find your lack of faith disturbing.
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