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Normal Topic Wanted - skins for 2.5.2 (Read 966 times)
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Wanted - skins for 2.5.2
Sep 21st, 2012 at 3:25pm
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So far only one person has submitted a new skin for the 2.5.2 release.
So if someone was a great 2.5AE or 2.4 skin they would like to submit, PM me - Dandello.

We would really like to have enough skins that we can actually have a poll on which one should be packaged as the default and which additional ones should ship.

You can look at the existing options by going  to

To check it out, Members can go into their UCP ->Options and choose the Old 2.4 Theme or login as Tester_24
password: LetMeIn

For the Blue_1 Template, either choose Blue_1 or login as Tester_Blue_1, same password as above.

Comments can be made in the Theme Testers Section and we will be watching out for spam.

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