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Normal Topic Possible IE10 Issue - please verify (Read 802 times)
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Possible IE10 Issue - please verify
Nov 22nd, 2012 at 8:52am
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Evidently, there's an issue with IE10 regarding the reply area because the check box for auto clipboard is permanently ticked, and cannot be removed. At least that's what has been reported here in Carsten's forum.

Please note that I have not been able to confirm this problem myself, but I wanted you to know in case this is a real issue, in which case a fix would be needed.

Thankfully, as you can see in this post (with a quick reference below), Carsten offered a solution that evidently works.

Quick reference:

It's a YaBB issue - bad implementation of the $ENV{'HTTP_USER_AGENT'} regex test pattern.

In find 3 instances of
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if ($ENV{'HTTP_USER_AGENT'} =~ /(MSIE) (\d)/) { 

and replace them with
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if ($ENV{'HTTP_USER_AGENT'} =~ /(MSIE) ([\d]+)/) { 

Again, I haven't been able to confirm this problem. I'm still using IE9 with Windows 7. But just in case, I made the edits as Carsten offered, and our forum still works just fine.
Maybe one of you YaBB staffers can check into this, and make a clarification.  Smiley


Carsten posted the following explanation:

To explain why the 'old' regex doesn't work for IE 10. The pattern only looks for one digit (\d) which means it work nicely for versions less than 10 - but for version 10 and larger it'll only see the first digit - in this case it'll assign the digit 1 to the system variable $2 making the script think you are using IE 1  Shocked

The 'new' pattern looks for one or more digits ([\d]+).

Note to YaBB staffers: When IE100 comes out in the year 2095, maybe you'll need to change this again.  Grin

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