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Help Wanted (Read 548 times)
 Dec 13th, 2012 at 5:15pm
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YaBB 2.5
Help Wanted
Wanted - 2.4/2.5/2.5.2 users willing to go through the Admin Help files and write explanations and helps for the various Admin functions.

The Help Center helps haven't really been touched in ages and there are some sections that don't have helps at all (like the template configuration and various skin editors.)

Also, put on your thinking caps and give us your ideas on better ways to organize things in the Admin Center. (in 2.5.2 the anti-spam functions are in multiple places - one place to turn on Spamfruits, the honeypot and add disallowed email domains, another for the controls for the  anti-spam question, two other places to put in banned IP's (Guardian and ban members).

Now, I'm not talking about creating a graphical interface. Frankly the one's I've seen are more confusing than helpful. What I'm talking about is arranging things in a way that's intuitive for a beginning admin to find things.   Cool
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