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YaBB 2.6.1
Revision Numbers and Tortoise SVN
Jan 31st, 2013 at 4:25pm
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Yes, I admit it, I use Tortoise SVN on XP.

But one of the poorly explained, little implemented, features is a utility that will actually insert the code Revision number for you. The 3.0 team started doing it for the 3.0 builds on SourceForge but as usual, the instructions for doing what should be a simple thing were on the order of Quote:
Go to áXDATERGATMARE$$!! and click on cbdmsotomener
(that's gibberish, BTW) and where the frack IS 'XDATERGATMARE$$!!'

So to do it in Tortoise SVN, in Windows Explorer, navigate to the root folder you're using for the files you're using SVN on (there should be a little green check or red exclamation mark on the little file graphic.) Right click on the folder and from the Windows Explorer dropdown click on Tortoise SVN and choose 'Properties' from the Tortoise dropdown.

A Properties window will open. Click on the 'New' button and another window opens. Choose 'Keywords' and on the next window, check Revision. Now Save.

All the files in the folder will now show they've changed (little red exclamation) but all that's changed is the folder/file properties. Commit the files and the next time you open a file that has
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$yabbfileplver = 'YaBB *** $Revision: á$' 

look at the file áit will now show
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$yabbfileplver = 'YaBB *** $Revision: 598 $' 

It's easy - when you know howShocked

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