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Normal Topic Need some help with upgrade from 2.3.1 (Read 746 times)
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Need some help with upgrade from 2.3.1
Mar 1st, 2013 at 8:31am
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Hi there!

I have my YaBB-Forum up and running since March 2009. But I had very early some ideas, about the Look (I wanted to have the background image shining through), so I made some (minor) hacks to to source.

Most of them worked just fine, but one broke my AdminCenter. - Since then, my AdminCenter has no background at all and no frames. - Ugly to work with, but it does.

I really desparately want to upgrade my installation to the current release (for several reasons), the problems I have are:

1. How can I find out, what I did to the code, four years ago? (I can't remember, so I guess, I'll have to compare sources (hooray! Sad ) - How can I compare the original sources?

2. Is it possible to upgrade, just by installing an "upgrade" over the existing installation?
I made no changes to the data structures or anything like that.
The only thing I did, was that I also tried to "kick out Guests". In my forum, there are no guests allowed. Point.

3. How can I find a way through the sources?
I have been writing Perl code for some years. - No need to bow before me. - I always wrote code in a way not to "play the geekiest tricks with perl", but I wrote code, that I could clearly understand after 2-3 beers and being woken up after only 2 hours of sleep. - So my code often look *very* lame, but in fact it still does some very clever things and is well documented.
With YaBB I have the problem that I doen't have some sort of "overview" over code. - What is the main part, what controlls what and how? - How does it all fit together?
Are there some documents that make it easier to understand all the parts?
Version 2.3.1 seems to me to lack almost any comments...

4. How can I put back in my changes in the new (current) Version? - Maybe now it is only some clicks... Wink

5. How can I "testdrive" the new version in parallel, before switching over?



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Re: Need some help with upgrade from 2.3.1
Reply #1 - Mar 1st, 2013 at 3:22pm
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Assuming you're on Windows, a program called 'WinMerge' works really well for comparing files (and it's free). (You can compare entire directories with it.)

To run a new version of YaBB in parallel with an old version, install the new version into a different folder in your cgi-bin - instead of yabb2, name it something like yabb25. Do the same with yabbfiles then make sure your in the yabb25 directory points to the proper places.

Assuming you're looking to upgrade to 2.5.2, simply replacing the contents in Admin and Sources isn't recommended. There are some differences in data structures that need to be handled by running

(The 2.5.2 Quick-Guide will tell you what you need to know.)

As for the rest, there is no flow chart and even those of use working on the code are left scratching our heads while looking for that one line that needs changing.  Tongue

If you only have one solution to a problem you're not trying hard enough!
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