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Re: New Posts Become Important Topic
Reply #15 - Apr 30th, 2013 at 2:26pm
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And I think I found the problem with my old forum (keeping fingers crossed and knocking on wood)  and it wouldn't hurt to check and see if the same things is happening to you.

What I found was that some of the ./Boards/*.txt files had weird stuff in them. The end of each line in the actual board file should end with a '0' and possibly one or two lowercase letters (to flag the thread for 'locked-moved' and such).

What I found was entire strings of numbers or letters at the end of the lines. They appeared to have been repeats of data from the next line down. (sometimes the ID string, sometimes text. If it was text at the end, the message got set as a sticky.)

I ended up hand editing out the garbage on each *.txt in ./Boards.
How that stuff got there, I can only guess I messed something up in an upgrade or mod quite some time back. (This was a very heavily modded forum with lots of custom changes so it wasn't a YaBB issue per se.

So check your Boards/*txt files and make sure they're clean - because that's the place the threads get tagged to make them sticky.

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