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Jul 10th, 2013 at 9:54pm
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I have run YaBB forums through for several years. Overall, I consider my experience with them to be negative, and I do not recommend their services to anyone.

The incident that pushed me away started about two years ago. One day, my forum was just shut down - 404'd or something like that. I called up Webhostingpad to figure out the problem. After waiting for 20 minutes for the guy to determine the problem, he returned to the phone to tell me that they had intentionally shut down my site. Something was caused to spin out of control, hogging the (shared) server's resources and not returning.

...but instead of killing the script, they just shut down everything!

I had them re-enable everything. Two weeks later, identical problem. At this point, a rather testy admin ("Mabin") informed me that I was no longer allowed to run perl on the webhost and that I needed to find a new place for my forums. They would send me a zipped copy of my entire site, but would not allow me to access the control panel or anything. I contacted sales, who quickly overrode the admin's B.S. and restored my account, but it was clear by this point that I had to move, regardless of whether or not I was banned.

I guess watchdog scripts were a new concept... Roll Eyes
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