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Things in the works -
Mar 18th, 2014 at 2:23pm
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As some of you know, I now have an almost complete cloned YaBBForum server for testing. áThe only piece missing on the clone is our new CMS, 'The YaBB Communicator'. I hope to get that working today or tomorrow.

The reason that 'The YaBB Communicator' is not already front and center as the Gateway to YaBB Land, is the complex .htaccess directives in the root of our server. áMany ancient and obsolete site features (some going back to YaBB 1.x) have been kept on 'life-support' via .htaccess. The last time I tried a fix on that I clobbered all our SEO links and (this spot). áEnough of that.
The cloned sever will allow me to test and fix the .htaccess without breaking the live server. Out 'new' CMS should be able to provide 'rewrites' for all the 'old YaBB PHP pages' linking them to a new maintainable section within the CMS (such as the URL ''). áI know it works, as I have tested it. I simply can't add the code to our .htaccess yet...

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