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YaBB 2.6.1
Yesterday I got a Question --
Apr 5th, 2014 at 6:44pm
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We were testing uploading videos on a YaBB 2.6 Test Forum (not on

Take the opportunity

Some visually flashing point should indicate the presence of a vid as the link only does not really attract the eyes.
For pics no problem, they open "in" the post at opening.


My Reply:
Yes, almost anything is 'possible' when you have the source code and time.

From my perspective, the problem is "what is a 'vid'?". áHow do you know its a vid? -- by its extension. There are other ways, but they are even more complicated and/or platform specific.

That basically means a list of valid extensions for videos has to be maintained 'somewhere' (a place in the data structure). You wouldn't hard-code that list, as its obviously going to change over time. áYou need a way to edit that list, and a probably a slice of javascript needs to be written (so its 'auto-magical') for the display interface. This is NOT the only way to do it, BTW. There are almost always several ways to tackle a problem. Some are just more flexible, and transparent/debug-able.

This would fall into the class of things known as 'mod requests'.

There are two ways to tackle such things:

A. Request a 'mod writer' to create one.
The right spot for that at the present is

B. 'Roll your own' (do it yourself)

So you know -

Most new features get into the YaBB 'core release' by being written as 'mods' (modifications). The popular ones make their way into the mainstream, the others don't.

Almost every 'mod' consumes data, and that data structure has to find a home in the 'official structure', and controls have to be adapted to the Admin Center. áSome mods may actually conflict with others (usually un-intentionally).

Most mods are on their own 'timeline' and will only work with one or two releases of YaBB. When they are brought into the core, you often have to build data-converters for them. Think back to the original version of this Forum, and how different that experience was. [it was modded YaBB 2.0] áAlmost all the change is/was 'mods' that made the 'crossover'.

For instance, 'Carsten's YaMMS' - 'Member Map System' is one popular mod that may make it next time, right now it's not compatible with our new 2.6 code base (AFAIK). áThe author is also revising his 'mod' and there may be data conversion needed when/if he adds new features or changes functionality.  We also need the author's explicit permission to add any modification to the core.

The YaBB team starts thinking about 'what's next' as soon as we make a release, even if that inclusion may be one or two releases away. I have already started a 'hidden board' for suggestions/wishes for the next two releases. When the new release is out, new features understood/de-tangled and any conversion issues dealt with; we will open it up for ideas.

I am also writing a complete explanation of how 'YaBB Works' for new potential developers. áThere are only a few of us who know how the back end works. Nope, no one wrote one up to this point, AFAIK áLips Sealed

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I find your lack of faith disturbing.
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