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YaBB 2.6.1
May 8th, 2014 at 3:31pm
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We need screenshots of YaBB 2.6 to build articles and tutorials. We want to show off the new 'look & feel' plus new features and the newly-refitted Admin Center.

We need two kinds of screenshots. 'Exact' shots (browser set to 1024x768) and Full Page shots (browser set to 1024 wide, but full page captured.)

You can just post them as attachments in this topic. Along with any comments you may have about the features or options you took a shot of.

I use 'screengrab' in Firefox and the 'toolsite'
it get dead-on good results, but use any tools you prefer. Please save the shots as .png files.

Thanks very much

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YaBB_Chat_and_Support_Community_Admin_Center_YaBB_Backup_-_2014-05-08_11_45_10.png (Attachment deleted)

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