YaBB 3 Documentation

Directory: Display

(Frontend-)Modules which are responsible for the interaction with the user. They react on user input, gather the data for the templates and finally let the template toolkit create the page.
All interfaces to the data, data manipulation and treatment, standard and often used methods, classes which represent a complex data construct like messages, errors, sessions, etc. are in the upper directory (directly in /YaBB3)
They are called by the corresponding .pl-files or by themselves.

Example: Message.pl called with action=ShowInstantMessage => YaBB3/Display/Message.pm->Show => creates object instance of class message (YaBB3/Message.pm) which holds all methods to work with data (backend). I.e. the method show calls "backend" methods provided by the message class to load the data in a usable format and after that processes and then displays it by calling the display method (YaBB3/Display.pm).