yCGI - Perform CGI/HTML tasks


yCGI - Perform CGI/HTML tasks



Nothing here yet :)


Nothing really, except maybe a form to process or header to print ;)


use YaBB3::yCGI; my $query = yCGI->new();

# get example foreach my $cur (@{$query->(5)}) { push(@postdata,$cur); }

# get a cookie $usercookie = $query->get_cookies(``Username'');

# get cookie hash %allcookies = $query->get_cookies();

foreach my $name (keys(%allcookies)) { push(@cookies,$name); }

# print page $query->Template({PostData=>$postdata, UserName=>$usercookie, CookieNames=>@cookies,},$file)

# Upload File Usage: UploadFile(File,Targetdir, MaxFileSize); # File is a param given by a <Input type=``file'' /> # MaxFileSize is in bytes # the return codes are the following: # 0: everything went ok # 3: file is under 1 byte # UploadFile: my $file = param('filename'); my $filename = param('filename')->{'filename'}; my $filesize param('filename')->{'size'}; my $filecontents param('filename')->{'contents'} ;

my $bla = Query->UploadFile($file,``/abs/path''); # this will upload the file which was set in <input type='file' name='filename' /> # the html form for upload must have content-type = multipart/form-data =head1 AUTHOR

The form parsing code was adapted from Parham's parse module.

Corey Chapman (cchapman@xnull.com) Bjoern Berg

Copyright (C) 2002, YaBB 3 Development Team. All Rights Reserved. You may distribute this module under the terms of YaBB 3.

 yCGI - Perform CGI/HTML tasks